The screen of your smartphone is terribly broken. You can’t even recognize if somebody tried to make contact while you went deerstalking. Your flat looks like you’ve hosted a welcome party for a pubescent college football team. But you can’t exactly remember who was the quarterback. And the last time you went shopping was still in another year. There’s an echo in the larder and some big reverb in the fridge. Your head pounds like a wreckers ball seconds before impact. And even all the medicine in the world can’t cure your continuous New Years hangover.

But this will.

“Thank you for lending your ears towards this concept album. Set in the future, It tells a story of a lost soul leaving behind a corrupt world in search for a new home. Each song represents a chapter for you to interpret in your own way that you find meaning, enjoy the journey; I certainly have”

Pünktlich zum Sommeranfang gibt es ein neues Set von mir!
“Sommernachtsträume” Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß! ;)

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The, or ESE for short, launched in Summer 2013 with the first B2B DJ-mix, with another great ESE mix volume 2 following shortly after. The concept is an entire set of electro swing tracks mixed by several internationally renowned DJ’s and fused in to one set.
The success to date can be seen and heard for Phos Toni, the organizer, DJ and father of the ESE mixes. The Soundcloud plays, comments, and likes clearly speak for themselves!

Electro swing is currently a very strong genre, with a massive national and international scene. The audience is broad and diverse as they support unforgettable parties with flair and atmosphere, with special emphasis placed on authentic outfits and lively decorations. The rebellious 1920s have returned to the clubs with today’s musical landscape!

For the 3rd part of the ESE series, Phos Toni and Wolfgang Lohr have joined together for a DJ mix with tracks produced and collected exclusively for this compilation. The label Ton Liebt Klang (Hamburg) quickly fell in love with this idea, and publishes the compilation both digitally and on vinyl. 18 exclusive electro swing tracks are the result of artists who are very successful in other genres. It is a large collection of current Electro Swing Club music, inspired by traditional swing mixed with modern tech-house, making it something for everyone.

It is the quality of the artists and their varied styles that pushes this compilation and the Electro Swing movement to new heights! The third ESE DJ mix is something very special with tracks exclusive to the compilation. Finaly the Italian pin up DJ and singer Rosantique crowns the mix with great sing-improvisations. An individual journey through the genre, this will find followers everywhere!

DJ’s ESE-Mix Volume 3: A.N.A.L. (Alles Nur Aus Liebe), Tiger Rag Club, Kiwistar and #Root.Access

Electro Swing Elite (ESE):

Ton liebt Klang:


00’00” - 00’23” Kalletti Klub - Cotton Club (Intro)
00’24” - 06’27” Sound Nomaden (feat. MSP) - Swing It [ROSANTIQUE LIVE]
06’28” - 10’22” The Swing Bot - Burn Black Rose
10’23” - 13’29” incontrol - Out Of Time
10’24” - 18’41” Phos Toni - Brazinia
18’42” - 22’39” Nikola Vujicic - My Mind [ROSANTIQUE LIVE]

122’40” - 27’31” Kalletti Klub - Light Up
27’32” - 31’25” Bart&Baker - Faux Culs (Gentlemen Callers from LA Mix)
31’26” - 35’54” Cab Canavaral - Missing Link [ROSANTIQUE LIVE]
35’55” - 40’10” JFTH - Sunny Days
40’11” - 46’01” Rauschhaus - Colours

46’02” - 49’16” Alec Troniq - Klatschmohn
49’17” - 53’54” Wolfgang Lohr - Top Bop
53’55” - 58’31” Arts & Leni - Swingingpool
58’32” - 63’03” Tinush - Feuerwerk & Trompeten
63’04” - 65’51” C2-Datei & Rich vom Dorf - De Ja Vu Tam Tam

65’52” - 71’42” Grant Lazlo - Diggin’ Deeper
71’43” - 74’55” Mano Meter & Dr. Zicotron - Roletta
74’56” - 77’29” Fix & Foxi - Blaubeerkomplott
77’30” - 81’46” Marc Spieler - Soul Street